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 The past and the future are connected by today—

the only time upon which we have any effect…



Everyone likes a story. I know my grandchildren do. Possibly through the a story I can get their attention and convey to them some of what I’ve learned regarding the real history of this nation before Europeans landed here; and then on through its colonization and its establishment as a recognized entity on the world stage. Once formally founded as the United States of America, it became futile soil for the restoration of the Lord’s kingdom on earth. This country has too precious a history to allow it to be taken for granted and be downgraded to the status of all other nations. It is a sacred land to our Heavenly Father and should be a Promised Land to us and our posterity. Maybe Daniel’s experiences will resonate within us and our children to produce a desire to preserve it.

This is a series about a young man's road of discovery. Not only does he discover himself but he discovers truths no longer being taught in today’s secular school system, and he wonders why. In public schools the real intent of the Founding Fathers is avoided as if it were an educational plague, and every effort is being exerted to find fault with our present form of government.

In the midst of his epiphanies, Daniel also takes a leap of faith that opens up a whole new aspect of life and a deeper appreciation for family. He learns the real pre-Columbian history of America and also learns Church history from eye witnesses. I’ve said too much…

The first two books in the series builds up to the book being written now, INCONVENIENT TRUTHS: The Father of All Lies. This is where the rubber meets the road. In this book will be laid out all those precious things you and I learn at Book of Mormon conferences and personal, in-depth study. It’s where testimonies are truly strengthened and confidence soars.


DISCOVERY: What’s Beneath Your Feet

Daniel Elwood, a high school senior, starts to realize that there’s more to life than the uncertain prospect of becoming a basketball superstar. He’s self-absorbed and somewhat neglectful, but he’s also sensitive and desires to do the right thing. He often finds his foot distasteful.

Before going to college, he partially comes to his senses. However, as a sophomore, his dreams of a sports career still loom within him—that is, until coming home for spring break to find his whole world suddenly turned upside down. He’s forced to step up and be the man he’s been trying to avoid. His adventure takes him places he never knew existed, and he quickly learns that with every footstep, he’s walking on the past that can quickly becomes the future. 

In this process, he finds that truth is worth any cost, even at the expense of the foolish traditions and distortions taught him by many he’s trusted.

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LEAP of FAITH: How Firm a Foundation

Incredible discoveries by a friend on campus leads him to understand just how offensive the real history of our country is to some. Truth can topple the present paradigm and shine a light on those seeking to change the course of our nation.

His challenges and attitudes set him apart from many students who are there to get a degree and march off to jobs, becoming good little worker bees. Daniel is there to get an education and truly better himself. Being able to think and reason is paramount to him. Facts are often camouflaged in reasonable doubt, while conjecture is presented as if it were a foregone conclusion—a fact beyond debate

He also begins to see why most people think the way they do. He senses movements within society grinding against traditional belief systems, stripping man of his dignity and lowering him to the status of a sagacious, self-aware primate, who has no greater claim upon earth’s resources than an amoeba..

Christmas vacation adds a new dimension to his education that profoundly affects him in ways never before felt, and family becomes ever more important.

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THE RECRUIT: Catch and Release

Written originally as the prologue to book three, it went way beyond what was anticipated and took on a life of its own. It became the back story to that prologue.

There are forces trying to reshape the original intent of the Founding Fathers, making America no longer the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Instead, their intent is to make America like much of the rest of the world, where the people are little more than chattel and resources are reserved for the benefit of the few who rule. This has ever been the pattern of countries throughout history.

The Recruit discloses much about such movements that are global in nature.

Similar things happened to the Nephites; and the Book of Mormon is a type and shadow of today’s situation. Combinations exist, and they are not conspiratorialist nonsense. And as a result, these are perilous times.


Being written now.

Daniel, as the head of the Athenians, has been given the challenge to bring opposing points of view to his campus, thus giving the campus a true Socratic environment where free thinking can occur. Those promoting revisionist history, secular ideologies, and speculative, theoretical science, taught as incontrovertible truths are provoked to engage in real debate, rather than the autocratic dispersement of information, which the student is expected regurgitate at test time, Students start thinking and reasoning. Even some professors are brought to an awareness that they’ve been marching to the beat of a narrative that strips man’s reverence for the unknown. They have to admit that the “system” doesn’t have all the answers; answers may be beyond man’s present reach. Maybe there is a master plan in operation that cannot be assessed by empirical testing, leaving the spiritual as the only tool left. Besides, it’s that what they’re doing when promoting theories that cannot be tested? Faith is required for and belief that cannot be proven—and that becomes religion.

Everything you’re learning from Rod, Wayne, Bruce, Jonathan, Ryan and a host of other enlighten individuals are woven into the story. Daniel learns truths not taught on campus and passes them on to the reader. If this happens, then my goal will be reached—to teach my grandchildren the truths learned at FIRM Foundation events and the like. Strengthened testimonies will help our children quench the fiery darts of the adversary thrown at them constantly in their “higher education”—which just might be an oxymoron.


No wonder we love teddy bears.