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A glimpse at Book two: Leap of faith

Daniel’s adventures are just beginning as he continues to discover his God-given potential and who he truly is. Family secrets surface that help him understand why certain topics are never discussed at home. Providence, however, has been at work over several generations to bring Daniel's family to a present crossroad.

In college he uncovers a hidden agenda buried deep in the educational system to cover up (literally) the real pre-Columbian history of America. He also begins to fathom just how diabolically pervasive the agenda really is, for it is also waging a relentless campaign to undermine the principles upon which this great nation was founded. If successful, the American dream will be lost and our country's divine destiny foiled.


Just for you...

To get a feel for "Leap of Faith," read the Prologue by clicking the link below. .

Regarding the Prologue, I should tell you that it isn't directly tied to Daniel's experiences. Instead, it's an event taking place a long time before he's at college...a long, long time before! 

Relevant, nonetheless, and it eventually ties into the story.