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WAYNE MAY: Archaeologist and Lecturer

Wayne has done extensive work on the Hopewell Native American culture, which came on the scene about 580 BC and suddenly vanished around 400 AD around the Finger Lakes region of New York. His research has led him to believe that the Hopewell were the Nephite of the Book of Mormon. The Hopewell were also known as the Mound Builders



ROD MELDRUM: Researcher and Book of Mormon scholar

Rod was the first to question the DNA evidence asserting that all North American tribes had their origins from groups making a Beringial migration when the sea level was so low it exposed a land mass from Siberia to Alaska. Rod’s work has now revealed that certain tribes in North America also bear DNA markers linking them with the hills of Judea.



RYAN FISHER: Investigative Reporter and Documentary Videographer

Ryan has done much to address criticism regarding Book of Mormon geography and a variety of other issues. His unique style and talents have persuaded many and reinforced testimonies in Book of Mormon authenticity.

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