Book One: Daniel—Discovery



Circa 1850


Nonsense!” said the doctor. “There must be some mistake. What’s happening down there, anyway? We promised the two of them they would be secure, and now, the sphere doesn’t move? The calculations were confirmed a dozen times. Please, have Justin go down and see what’s the matter.”

Matthew quickly left the room as the doctor returned to his desk and sat down. So much effort had gone into the undertaking, and now the most critical element to its success refuses to function as was promised. Everything had gone so perfectly to this point. 

“Why now?” he said out loud. He decided to see the plumber and his wife to tell them the mission might be aborted. But first he would wait to hear what Justin had to say. Maybe there’s a simple explanation and fix.

The elixir was ready and needed to be administered before its potency dissipated. It had taken nearly six years to prepare, and they could not start over. Everything was on a strict timetable that could not be altered.      

So much depended upon the sphere functioning correctly, for without light and warmth all would be lost, and mankind’s last chance to preserve civilization would also be lost. He had seen the future and knew what it held, and it was not a pretty sight. The instructions he had received were precise, and he prayed that he had not done something amiss.

Up again and pacing, he remembered the day over ten years ago when Mr. Frost came into his office and reported on the progress they had made with Ammon’s help. 

“This unlocks their writings,” he said, holding out a paper for the doctor to examine.

How his heart leaped within him as characters and alphabet merged to produce coherent language—something that could be understood. How simple, too. Why hadn’t they seen it before? This would unlock the doors to the past and bring to life the civilization that once roamed this blessed land, and once again reveal their wisdom and secrets.

He brought his thoughts back to the present and walked over to his expansive collection of books and removed one and opened its well-worn pages. He turned and locked the door to the office and again sat down at the desk. As he read, tears welled up in his eyes and he prayed for comfort—and guidance. The passage stated that “ may know the truth of all things.”

Later that afternoon after several visits to the lab, there was a knock on the door. The doctor again wiped his eyes and beckoned the person to enter. Justin’s smile indicated that the situation was put aright and all was still a go. He would not have to make that dreaded visit to his friends....