Daniel Elwood lives on Bear Nose Way. 

His street is on the east side of a block that is unusually large for their small town—for that matter, any town. Adjacent to Daniel's home on the south side is an immense park that holds four large Indian burial mounds. On the north side is a row of tenement buildings that are now small businesses and boutique shops, giving a quaint appeal to the south end of town.

There are two neighbors living across the street, and their homes abut the woods that encircle the town, except on the north where the Ohio rivers flow toward the Mississippi. 

Daniel's home is strange. There's no other way to put it. At times it seems possessed by a long-gone baker. It also exhibits other unusual traits that sends a child's imagination soaring.

If you hadn't noticed, Bear Nose Way is also the name of this novel series, of which Daniel—DISCOVERY is the first. There are four books in total, each taking Daniel farther down the road of maturity and wonder and challenge.

Daniel's discoveries shape his personality and character, and they also help him see the precarious situation the world is in. How to cope with so much turmoil, hardship, and uncertainty forces him to cautiously step forward.

However, with each step, he becomes aware that he's walking on countless footsteps that had gone before, and such a realization begs the question...

What's beneath your feet?

Daniel's little town of Newton is not far from Louisville, Kentucky, but, as far as little towns go, it displays nothing that would distinguish it from others of its size and composition. It's a quiet place—but with a history.

As a senior in high school, Daniel is somewhat self-absorbed and neglectful, but down deep he's a good and tender-hearted boy. Because he's been the star player on the team for the past two years, he dreams of playing in the NBA with the greats. His younger brother, however, has often pointed out that his chances are extremely remote, and he should be focusing on his studies. 

Later, as a sophomore in college, Daniel comes home for spring break and suddenly finds his world turned up-side-down. He's forced to step up and become the man he's been trying to avoid. He must grow up to solve a crisis that has befallen his family.


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